How to Use Extended Keyboard in Windows

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Extended Characters

Frequently you like to use extended characters from a panoply of symbols available as fonts on the Microsoft Windows.

A couple of steps you are away from utilising it.


  1. Open the application that you want to utilise extended characters on it.
  2. Orb
    Click on the "start" also known as the Orb at the left bottom of your screen.
  3. All Programs
    Click on "All Programs"
  4. Select Accessories
    Select "Accessories" from the "All Programs."
  5. System Tools
    Select "System Tools" from the "Accessories."
  6. Character Map
    Select "Character Map" from the "System Tools." Character map table will be opened.
  7. Use Shortcut
    Use short cut. After learning where the "Character Map" could be found you can use the Command Execution Field to run it as a Windows command. Just type "charmap" in it.
  8. Select from Drop-down
    Look at the "Character Map." From the drop-down menu at the top, select your desired font that includes the necessary characters.
  9. Find desired font.
    Assume you need Hebrew Alef, symbol of infinite cardinal in mathematics. Select "Aharoni" font that includes it.
  10. Select the character.
    Find the character among the entries of the table. Click on it.
  11. Select Button
    Click on "Select" button. It pops up the selected character to the foreground and into the text-field. At the bottom it gives further information such as name of the character and its unicode value (here, 05D0).
  12. Copy to the clipboard
    Click on the "Copy" button to copy it to the clipboard. Then you can paste the character on any place, such as on an editor.
  13. Make more characters
    Note that you can make more character to be copied, in one go.
  14. Create keyboard shortcut. For frequent usage of the map you need a keyboard shotcut to access the map immediately.
  15. Open "Properties" of the map
    Find the character map again. Right click on its name, to open a Windows menu.
  16. Character Map Properties
    Click on the Properties to open it. Shortcut text field shows "none."
  17. Select Shortcut
    Click in the shortcut key text field. Type Ctr+Alt+ some desired key from the keyboard. In the picture Ctrl+Alt+Q is selected. But it depends to your selection.
    • If the combination has already a usage Windows prevent you to use it.
    • You always have to use Ctr+Alt. No other combination is accepted.
  18. Click on "Apply" button and then click on "OK" button. Now when you need the "Character Map", just press "Ctr+Alt+Q" and the table pops out in front of you.

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