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Please note: This page is the description of years, months and weeks and fractions of solar day.

Summer Solstice .

Messiah's Time : 16hr: 54min: 58sec.

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) : 20hr: 51min: 18sec (21:51:18 BST).

Messiah's Calendar : firdDay, 1st of Sisum (06) month of year 24/p>

Gregorian Calendar : Thursday, 20th of June of 2024

Observe to celebrate Penteh starting from (FreeDay) 18th of Pentum (05th month) of 24 to 04th (FreeDay) day of Sisum (06th month) of year 24 as celebration to remember death of all messengers, all saints and martyrs, all righteous people and any of your deceased relatives and friends and the beginning of Summer of 24nd of Messiah's calendar.

  •  A year in modern Messiah's calendar has twenty months. Details here and  here!
  •  They count from one to twenty.
  •  Their names are from a mixture of Latin, Sanskrit and English.
  •  Each season has five months; four months have eighteen days.
  •  The last month of each season is nineteen days.
  •  The last month of the year is twenty days.
  •  In leap years the last month is twenty one days.
  •  Year starts from the vernal equinox, first day of the Spring.
  •  Each season ends to a solstice or an equinox.
  •  Start of calendar is the midnight, 12 PM, of the Gregorian 20 March 2000. That is 00:00:00 AM of March 21st, 2000.

  •  Name of the months are as,
  •  Spring:
  1.  Unum: 18 days
  2.  Doyum: 18 days
  3.  Sayum: 18 days
  4.  karum: 18 days
  5.  Pentum: 19 days
  •  Summer:
  1.  Sisum: 18 days
  2.  Heptum: 18 days
  3.  Oktum: 18 days
  4.  Nonum: 18 days
  5.  Tenum: 19 days
  •  Fall
  1.  Ununum: 18 days
  2.  Undoyum: 18 days
  3.  Unsayum: 18 days
  4.  Unkarum: 18 days
  5.  Unpentum: 19 days
  •  Winter
  1.  Unsisum: 18 days
  2.  Unheptum: 18 days
  3.  Unoktum: 18 days
  4.  Unnonum: 18 days
  5.  Lentum: 20 days (leap years 21 days)

  •  Week is called a Penteh and is five days, as
  1.  festDay (first day of the Penteh)
  2.  fterDay (day aFTER the first day of the Penteh)
  3.  firdDay (third day of the Penteh)
  4.  fothDay (fourth day of the Penteh)
  5.  freeDay (last day of the Penteh)
  6.  All four Penteh containing beginning of the seasons, are observed as public holiday.

  •  Each day divides into 200,000 seconds.
  •  Each day divides into twenty hours.
  •  Each hour divides into hundred minutes.
  •  Each minute divides into hundred seconds.

Lent: Covers fifteen days altogether in the Lentum month. Three full Penteh ending to the festDay of the penteh that contains the vernal (Spring) equinox. Hence, its beginning varies year to year. One should not eat whole day long between 8 o'clock and 14 o'clock, sharp, from the Messiah's Clock. It is six hours of Messiah's clock. He can drink pure water but a little to quench thirst and freshen the breath.


Calendar Machine is not complete yet. It shows time and date in Messianic and Gregorian and it converts Gregorian to Messianic after 2000 by entering any time and date into the required fields. Gregorian Week Days come automatically. Do not enter any value in that field.

  • You need to have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in your computer.
  • Also, please note, your browser will ask you a permission to open the file.
  • Clocks are two JAR files. You can save them safely on your computer and run them at any time.
  • Clocks are set in GMT (UTC), not on any local time.
  • Clocks and calendar are not calculated and designed as an astronomer should (it is somehow a daunting endeavour); therefore, its Spring is 91 days (instead of 93 days as it should be in northern hemisphere). Also other seasons. They are all 91 (winter 92 days, and 93 in ordinary and leap years, respectively) days to maintain a symmetry.
  • Adjusting Gregorian Calendar with Spring equinox is rather tricky. In certain years it happens in March 20th in some other years March 21st; yet, in some other years equinox coincides with March 22nd.
  • Leap years a disaster to calculate; computer calendar starts from 1970; Julian calender to Gregorian conversion happened gradually in different countries. Islamic solar and lunar calendars, Hebrew-Assyrian and Chinese calendars all are adding to the Herculean task of maintaining a robust, all inclusive, user friendly software.

Click here to open the calendar and digital clock.

Click here to open the analogue clock.

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