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Please note: This is for Complex Polynomial Calculator Software.

Download the software from the download (click) page.

Double click on the downloaded "JAR" file to open the application.

Enter your polynomial on the top text field. Your polynomial should be written as a function of lower case s.


Click on a button for "Addition, "Subtraction", "Multiplication," or "Division."


Enter the second polynomial of your operation. Then click on the same previous button. The Result appears in the text area.



Please use a formated sentence. Use lower case s for the polynomial variable. Use letter j for imaginary part put imaginary value after letter j; that is, say, j2 not 2j. Use brackets when the coefficient is a complex number. Avoid blank spaces, even at the tail of polynomial.

For example (1+j2)s3+j2s+1


For the power you need to enter an integer power into its text field next to it. It uses the last result of previous calculations


If you need to clear the last result you should click on "Reset" button. Then use the desired button twice.


If you like to calculate a complex polynomial for a certain value enter the value in form of a+jb; for example, 2+j-1. As you expect from a computer, it introduces some accepted approximation.


You can calculate roots of a polynomial. You need to decide if you like a double precision or a big_decimal approximation. You have to decide for the precision. Even big decimals will be curtailed to double precision for screen presentation. In the following shot roots of a complex polynomial of degree 20 with a precision of one over million has been calculated. (Roots from 0 and counts to 19. jd means the calculation is based on double precisions.)


Next roots are calculated with using big decimals.


You can check any result by copy and pasting it in the polynomial calculation "Calculate Poly" field. By moving arrow keys remove the letter "d" (if any) and blank spaces.


Please note that you can enter complex polynomials with complex coefficient too..


If anything bad happens, any error or time-out necessity, Dysprosium won't commit a termination. You need to make decision for termination.

When you are dealing with large degrees try alternative "double precision" and "big decimal" for a success.

"Complex Function" button, separates complex function into two polynomials:real polynomial and imaginary polynomial. It is not functional yet and is under development.



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