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Messiah: Of God and Salmons
Maths of Salmons
Messiah: Mathematics of Five Dimensional Space of Salmons:

Please note: This page is the content of "Mathematics of Five Dimensional Space of Salmons."

  • The space consists of usual four dimensional space-time R2xC that I show as the flat Disk of Spring (S) and additional dimension that I call existence and it is a pure imaginary direction perpendicular to the four dimensional space of Spring. This additional dimension with one of the real dimension of the spring (S) makes a complex circle (C) perpendicular to the Spring Disk (S). There is a pole (P) that drags salmons to the higher latitude of existence to their Zenith and pinnacle point. Please note that as salmons live in the water, the deeper is higher for them. That pole is the reference point of the Grand Unification of all salmons at the bottom point of sanctuary. Salmon (s) is standing at the equator of beingness (eQ) where his decisions are whims. His whims are decision. He does not exist and nothing exists out there. He is only waiting. Existence is only a drag a potential. Some salmons have that and they gain it some do not have. A Stern-Gerlach machine type separate them based on just a whim. Some descend towards annihilation. Some ascend towards existence. One who become existed cannot find those who didn't and those who didn't cannot find those who did exist. There is no reasoning. None return any news




Figure One in PDF

  • Salmons go into the ocean of destiny. There is freedom to its ultimate to go to infinity. All that freedom is bound to sanctuary. This is the answer to ever existing question of choice-whim, destiny versus free will. The five dimensional sphere of salmons space is merged inside the ocean of destiny. Each cross section of the sphere through its center inside the ocean creates a four dimensional space-time of the material world.




Figure Two in PDF

  • In this figure I have not shown the ocean anymore. We assume it exists around the sphere. When salmon is born in the spring he decides to go to the ocean of destiny but as you see there is no way to go there. He is bound to his spherical space and he cannot jump off of his space. He has to select a meridian circle, any meridian is fair, to dive towards his existential dragging created by the pole.




Figure Three in PDF

  • Salmon space has infinite many circle of magnitude parallel to equator of "being-ness." It is what a salmon selects as imposing his free will over the destiny determined for the salmon.
  • There are lower magnitudes of existence for angels (constructive forces of nature). Demons (destructive forces of nature) are also at lower levels of magnitude towards the "anti-Pole." They projects diseases and fears and natural disasters over salmons in the ocean of destiny (also please see figure nine). Total annihilation of Universe of Salmons happens if the "anti-Pole" can project itself over the ocean,climbs to the




Figure Four in PDF

  • Salmon climb up the curve (C) and his projection goes downstream into the ocean (O)
  • Pole (P) drags salmon (s), towards Grand Unification with the infinity, on circle (C) selected by (s). When s reaches to each point higher on the circle, the pole projects himself into the material world by projecting (s) at 'existential' point (a) into a corresponding 'material' point on the downstream path, say 'A. While salmon climbs, his projection goes downstream until he reaches to his zenith of capacity destined for him where he have not the tolerance to climb up to the higher latitudes. At (Z) he selects a bridle path, a circular latitude curve (M), over the sphere to avoid the Grand Unification with (P). Each curve (M) that he selects gives a partial unification of a force field in the material world. From that point, Z, he enters into the ocean of his destiny. He lives in the material world by projection of his path (M) through the pole into the curve of destiny (D) in the ocean (those projection lines are not drawn on the figure to avoid too much jamming of lines) At a certain point (R) he hears the melody of return played by the sphere of existence. That is the end of his journey in the ocean of destiny over (D). Now he climbs down the circle and starts to go upstream back to perpetual spring of his sanctuary for mating. All the way salmon only 'exists' on the sanctuary sphere. Only a fake shadow of him is seen for a short while in the material ocean of destiny when he is passing over his magnitude path (M).

    Please note, 'up' for salmon means diving 'down'.




Figure Five in PDF

  • Salmon enjoys material world. His being is safe in the sanctuary unified with the global mind of salmons in the seewt water of the spring. His path is passing on the curve (D) of his destiny until he hears the melody of return played by the Perfect Salmon at the pole.




Figure Six in PDF

  • Each salmon share his to the sanctuary and descends to carry his picture back to spring. They are all empty but one. They go upstream, numb, until they join their eternal augmented existence to embrace and live for ever in the happiness of sweet waters of spring.




Figure Seven in PDF

  • Salmons who climb the path of annihilation, they help the anti-Pole to project the fake shadow of darkness to salmons who exist in the ocean of destiny. The projections of those devils by the "Pole" put them back into the equator of "being-ness" This is the meaning of justice: to put everything at its right "place" that it desreves. "Place" have meaning only in this space. It has nothing to do with the affairs of material world.




Figure Eight in PDF

  • Salmons at the outset of creation are selected on a whim.




Figure Nine in PDF

  • Salmons in Grand Unification creates the universe and create him.

Salmon Glues the equator of beingness to identify his own picture. The circle points are identified as the "Pole."




Figure Ten in PDF

salmons1 Space of Salmons
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