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Is there a secrete in millennium? I have created a rough chronology of messengers of God. Dates are not certain for humans. Already I discussed briefly if the time has any significance for God. I discuss further, but later.

  • Adam came to earth six thousand years ago.
  • After six hundred years came Noah. It was five thousand four hundred years ago.
  • After one thousand four hundred years came Abraham. It was four millennium ago, and two millennium after Adam.
  • After six hundred years came Moses. Almost three thousand four hundred years ago and two millennium after Noah.
  • Then after one thousand four hundred years Jesus Christ came to earth. It was two millennium after Abraham.
  • Six hundred years after him Muhammad came among people. It was two millennium after Moses.
  • Now it is one thousand four hundred years after Muhammad and two millennium after Jesus Christ.

Messiah said, "I am the Seventh, as promised."

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