How to Say Kiss in Italian

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How to say "Kiss me" in Italian is all in the pronunciation. In Italian you must put emphasis on the second to last syllable of the word. Your partner may not know what it means, but hopefully they'll like it!

Amore Baciami


  1. Know. English verb to kiss is baciare (/ba-t∫a-re/) in Italian.
  2. Know. English gerund kissing is baciando (/ba-t∫an-do/) in Italian.

  3. Learn. Italian il bacio (/il/ /ba-t∫o/) means kiss.
  4. Learn. Baciami (/ba-t∫a-mi) is "Kiss me" in Italian. Pronounced as "ba-cha-mee"

    • Put emphasis on "cha /t∫a/."
  5. Learn three simple related phrases, as

    • al bacio (at the kiss) means awesome ( very informal )
    • Bacia il mio culo (/ba-t∫a/ /il/ /mi-o/ /ku-lo/) means ""kiss my ass.
    • Baciare (/ba-t∫a-re/) colloquially means giving lip service to something.


  • Try not to sound like Mario and Luigi!
  • My partner loves it when I speak Italian to. Though doesn't know what I'm saying sometimes, but thinks it's really sexy.

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