How to Convert a CD or DVD to ISO Image Files

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Your CD or DVD can be converted to an ISO image file archived in your computer. This brings many advantages for keeping them; for example, old CDs created with old CD burners not to be compatible with modern faster divces such as DVD and Blu-ray drives that you might have now. Other advantage is that you can backup many old CDs as their own original image in one large image to be burnt on a new DVD or Blue ray as a space saving practice. This is a "How to" for that.


  1. Download the free open source widely used Image Burn software from its official site.
  2. Install the downloaded software on your computer.
  3. Admit only installation of Image Burn if any other option offered to you.
  4. Put your old CD to be converted to ISO file in your CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive.
  5. Double-click on Image Burn software shortcut on your computer.
  6. Select Option
    Select option. In ImgBurn options console, in response to, "What would you like to do?" click on "Create image file from disk."
  7. Configure ISO Image
    Configure for ISO image file name and location, and adjust "Read speed" for best reading.
  8. Start Conversion
    Start ISO conversion by clicking on the icon.
  9. Job Success message
    Finish the conversion job.


  • Having image of a CD as an ISO helps keeping them safe from scratches and other damages.
  • You can convert ten, twenty old CDs to ISO images on your computer and then compile them into one large dual layer DVD and burn them to one DVD.
  • You can use virtual optical drives to read each of them as a real CD.


  • As Image Burn is a high quality and free popular software, many bloatware producers, and among them annoy-ware producers might bundle it with their products. Please be careful to download it only from its official website, as stand alone Image Burn.

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