How to Record Screen in Microsoft Windows 7

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Frequently, you need to record screen of your computer to be used as a video tutorial or as visual explanation of some topic. It could be more descriptive than still pictures you take with "Snipping Tool." There are software to buy for this goal. But one free and easy method is to use free software created by Microsoft.


Create Your Work

  1. Download the software from the official Microsoft site at Microsoft Technical Magazine Utility Spotlight here.
    • You can download right from this wikiHow article
  2. At the top of the page there is a link to the download of the exe file.
  3. Save the file on your computer.
  4. Two Unpacked Versions
    Double click on the "UtilityOnlineMarch092009_03.exe" file to "run" it. This does not install the application on your computer. It only unpack the utility. The default unpack place is at the root C:\ which is the best place. Later you can delete them, all together
  5. Open the version for your computer, depending whether your operating system is 32bits or 64bits.
  6. Install by double clicking on the ScreenRecorder.msi file.
  7. Instal the Software
    Accept installation of media pack 9.
  8. Screen Recorder Shortcut
    Notice the short-cut of the "Screen Recorder" on your monitor.
  9. Screen Recorder Interface
    Double click on the short-cut to open the application.
  10. Cange Focus of the recorder
    Click on the drop-down menu to note that it is possible to change the focus of the Recorder on any application that is running right now on your computer.
  11. Selected Application Shown
    Select your desired application. Here activity of this wikiHow very page is selected.
  12. Click on OK
    Click on "OK" to open the camera interface.
    • You can add microphon to record audio at the same time.
  13. Camera Interface
    Select location and name for the recorded file by clicking on "Please click here to specify filename."
  14. Start Camera
    Click on "Start" to start recording. Recording is done only on the selected application.
  15. Stop the Camera
    Click on "Stop" after finishing your recording.

Publish Your Work

  1. Right-click on your file.
    Right-click on your recorded file. Select "Open with" and then "Windows Live Movie Maker" from drop-down menues.
  2. Share your recorded screen.
    Share your recorded screen. In the Windows Live Movie Maker software application select your sharing schem from the "Share" menue and follow the instruction. Only accept recommended settings.
    • You should have an account with any of the sharing schemes as the Windows Live asks for its "User Name" and "Password" during the process.
    • Upload will be done automatically.
    • Windows Live Movie Maker and YouTube are consistently matched together.


Sample Video Captured Using This Method


  • This tool can easily be used with the future version of Microsoft Windows operating system, Windows 8.
  • This software cannot record contents on more than one screen. Therefore, using it in "Full Screen" mode requires disabling additional monitors.
  • Best is to use this software to focus only on one application. Therefore, close all other applications.
  • If you have more than one screen, put the "Camera Interface" on the screen, other than, that one which contains your target for the recording.


  • The codec infrastructure on your computer should be consistent, maintained and updated for any media work. That is subtle to achieve with the bunch of standards in the hardware/software shphere. Do not become hopeless if you are not a professional.
  • Do not use "annoy-ware" to achieve that.

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