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How to Codes For Us Free Software - Help Page :

Please note: Software of this page remains your original file un-touched.

Download the software from the download (click) page.


Put the zip file somewhere in your computer.


Use your favourite un-zip utility (I use excellent 7-zip free utility) to un-zip the software.


Please open the software folder.


Inside the folder, there is a "Software" folder containing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistribution 90 software.


If you already have this version of VC in your Windows, due to Windows automatic updates or installing as part of other software. You do not need to install it again. If you had to install it again, you can remove what ever files and folders it put in your root directory "C:"


Please double click on pfx_util.bat file in the main folder javakeyB1 to open the "Command Prompt" screen.


Please enter a short name for the Java Key Store. I haver selected "new" as the name of my key store. Then it becomes "newKeyStore"


Select an alias for your "key pair". Mine is "peter".


Select a password for your key pair (key store). Mine is "newest".


Select a name for your generated files. Mine is "news".


After "Entering" please enter distinguished names one by one and press "Enter" at the end of each input. You can leave each field empty and "Enter" but the lat one the two-letters distinguished name of your country. Mine is "UK".


Confirm if the information are correctly entered. If you do not confirm by answering "no" it asks them again.


Now three new files are created in your directory: 1. private key file, prinews.key, 2. public key file, pubnews.key and finally, 3. the key store file newKeyStore.


After confirming, the software asks for a password for your "PFX" file. When you type it does not show your inputs so write it to remember as it asks you to repeat it


Please repeat inputting the "PFX" password.


Two additional files come into your directory: 1. configured private key file, inews.key and 2. finally here is your "PFX" file, allnews.pfx


You can change file extensions of your key files to ".txt" and study content of them. There is no human readable content in the "PFX" file to be read. Windows automatically recognize it and shows it with special icon of "Certificates"


This private key is in "pem" configuration.


This is your private key. I wrapped the lines of the file to be able to show it in the screen. Originally, it comes in a one very long line.


In contrast, the public key file, pubnews.key, is configured by itself, in "PEM" configuration.


You can change file extension of public key from ".key" to ".cer" or ".crt" such that Windows can recognise it now showing it with its special icon.


If you like you can install your public key pubnews.cer by double clicking it and using Windows wizard that guides you through.


It is time that you "Import" your "PFX" file into the Windows. Please double click on the allnews.pfx to invoke the Windows Certificate Wizard


Windows recognises your PFX file and asks you to follow the wizard.


If you had changed file extension of the private key then double click on it would dispatch error message.


Now, Grant Hardy creates his own PFX files together with his private and public key pairs. As it is recommended by Oracle, who is the owner of Java each key store should use the same password for all the key pairs created. One should change "alias" for each new key pair entry of the same key store

He writes his own distinguished names, his own file name and his own password for the created PFX


Grant's key pair and PFX files come along the previous files for the same key store.


This page is maintained by Peter Jones, a Welsh mariner

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