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Please note: This is the List of My Library

Here we have gathered few books we had, all allowed as free download.

Although there are millions of such books available on the Internet. These are our choices.

More titles will be added gradually.

Any owner or publisher not happy, please use the    contact form for immediate removal from public access.

On Mathematics

Plane Geometry Through Geometric Algebra by R G Calvet   (please click) the book as a web page.


On Engineering

RCA Power Circuits by RCA Staff   (please click) the book as a web page.

This is part of my demo for a    web-hosting at your home.    My server computer is on usually, more or less, between 08 AM to 10 PM sometimes l2 PM (GMT). If I count too many downloads then I have to remove it for a while; otherwise, my ISP will cap my service.


On Relativity (180 books and lectures)

Many books on Special and General Relativity in one place.    Please, click here. For all books in one zipped file,     please, click here.

On individual files if you find error opening in browser then please right click on that file and use "Save target as ..." to save in your desktop and then read it in your own PC.

Same caveat applies as the previous one. They are on my home server and too many downloads makes the ISP to cap my bandwidth.

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