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Messiah : Body and Soul, Sense-Stability Explained

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Physical exercise is part of the life of one who is traveller towards embracing Messiah. Sports begins with an S. And it is built of these S’s:

Sense-stability: You should be able to orient yourself in all directions against adversary conditions.

  • For healthy and reacher people, if available, theme parks activities greatly helps to increase this S-dimension in human beings. Even a merry-go-round in small fairs grounds is always helpful. There are in-doors activities to fulfil this dimension. One can turn round and around himself. If you do this you should gradually increase number and speed of turns in a safe gradual manner. One should do the same activity in both directions, clockwise and counter-clockwise. When each direction finishes jump a little up to regain and enforce your balance. If at the beginning it is difficult you can start by walking round a circle and gradually during days of practice reduce the diameter of the circle and increase the speed and number of turns. When you are turning try to synchronise your looking with your turning to environment. Do not allow scenes to escape from your sight. If you are in a theme park or you are jumping from a dive or parachuting or descending on a slope in the mountain or skiing down if you sustain your sight with the environment none of those inhibitions customary happens to you. For example, in a roller coaster if you can sustain your look you never feel gravity flops and plumps that force people to shout.

  • Other related exercise is juggling with soft balls. It is not necessary to learn skills of a professional. you should be able to throw a tennis or a soft ball up with one hand and catch it with the other hand. When you are doing that fix your eye on the path of the ball rather than on your hands. Let your hand does it job alone. It does not need being overlooked. If you could do more, say using two balls and exchanging them through your hands much better. Keep it within sensibility S-dimension to be able to repeat it in other days without being scared off of your daily planned sports activity.

  • One cheap simple activity that children in poor areas of the world do to empower themselves is using the table tennis bat and hitting the ball up and down on it to a certain number of counts. You can make it difficult by turning the side of the bat in every other count and more difficult by exchanging the bat from right hand to left hand in each count and one can make it more difficult then. You might notice that doing such a simple exercise of sensory after a month or two improves your interaction even with the society in large. Keep in mind the rule of sighting. Fix your eye on the ball not on your hand nor on the bat.

  • Now, take that small ball in your hand, try to throw it from your back over your head to front of you. It frequently falls over your head, causes you to become a bit scared and laughing, evading your head. That simple exercise helps a bit to keep up your speed of reflection that decreases by ageing, make you sharper and more prepared in arenas.
  • Another cheap but quite interesting and simple exercise is to climb up and climb down your stair case in a backward position. Be careful to use hand-rails before becoming skilled on stepping upwards and downwards.

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