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Physical exercise is part of the life of one who is traveller towards embracing Messiah. Sports begins with an S. And it is built of these S’s:

Strength: means you can exert force to the ultimate of human capability against a resisting body whether it is a material thing or it is a living thing that is deliberately fight you back.

  • For some one who is partly disabled in the body the criteria for strength are different and should be measured by an expert. For an able body person the first sign of being strong is how far he is pushing on his toes when walking. To know that one should walk on a plastic material, similar to moist soft sand on a beach, to get a mould of his feet. Deeper the front of the feet more powerful is the person. It is due to the fact that evolution is not yet happy how a man is balanced on his feet and pushes him to gain more balance in walking on his legs. Children are the best practitioners of evolution. They try to push the evolution higher when you watch them. They play hop scotch to improve their balance. Work out their tip toe strength while standing on one leg and carefully moving the stone inside a pattern drawn on the floor.

  • To gauge further, you can try to put on your socks while standing just on the other foot. More comfortable you do this more strong you are. You can use this simple practice, especially when you are getting older, or try to do your boot lace on a standing position instead of bending down or putting your foot on a step. When you are jogging or walking try to do it on a tip toe manner. Ultimate of that is the practice of ballet in human: a "good-toe" means instep of your foot to be aligned with your shin. Then one easily can dance (that is, balance) on her toes. Sit, as you kneel, on a soft floor with your insteps lain flat on the floor then rest yourself on them and on your shin. Do this gradually until you can sit without pain for a long time. Strength on your toes also, in physical terms, decides for "Who stands and who leaves." People who, presumably for mere aesthetics reasons, build their abdomens, instinctively try to help their spine at the points that already in evolution had been bent and buttressed by the hind legs and balanced by the tail. A loose abdomen puts pressure on your back and loin, bends them downward.

  • Mammals, in attack, stand on their toes to exert more force and then use their hands. That gives the idea that next point of strength are in hands and arms, but not in the way that human can remember in swinging from the trees, and not the way that boxers and similar athletes use their hands, but in the shoulders as when one tries to slap; perpendicular to your chest moving from farthest back to front, aligned with your eyes, without bending or rotating your waist. Gradually you can add safely to its power by rotating your waist during the practice, of course, within the safe limits. Aesthetical side of this strength in human male is hardened flat breasts that can be moved by will. After this stage, one is stronger when he pushes more strongly upward when he is lying on his back. At the end power of swinging on one's hands counts.
  • Next in the scale is the power of the back at the waist. This is measured based on how far one can bend backward and without losing the balance can return to standing position This practice is safer and healthier and more useful than bending down: Stand with your back to a wall and keep some reasonable distance with the wall, depending on your fitness and age then raise your arms and touch the wall with palms of your hands. Gradually increase that distance during days, weeks or months. Try to use your abdominal muscles as already mentioned to return to standing position. You will never suffer a back-pain. You normally do this automatically frequently after doing some jobs during the day, if you notice.

  • Then you should make your neck strong. You do not need to use any direct exercise to that end. It is sufficient to make your triceps powerful. If you exercise for that your neck becomes strong and fit. A simple exercise is to scratch or rub the back of your shoulder with the opposing hand few times a day. You can practice to have "good neck" similar to "good toes " of ballerinas. It means always work and walk with your chin down and the back of your neck straight instead of bending your neck towards back and your eyes towards sky. It is in compliance with human evolution as an standing specie. Evolution has tendency to keep your sight ahead instead of looking up (please refer to calendar for further (please click) reason).

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