How to Add Watermark to PDF Documents

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When you have a document in PDF format adding a watermark of yours to the background could come handy as ornamental or as asserting your ownership. This creative common tool can do it for you in a minute without putting an extra cash for it.


  1. Download the latest version of Dysprosium PDF Watermark software from the Messiah's Dysprosium Site.
  2. Double click on the "JAR" file to open the software.
    Add-Watermark-to-a-Pdf-Document-Step 2.PNG
  3. Brows to your destination document to be water marked.
    Add-Watermark-to-a-Pdf-Document Step 3.PNG
  4. Select for a "text" or an "image" as a water mark. If you like doing both you can do it in two runs of the software.
    Add-Watermark-to-a-Pdf-Document Step 4.PNG
  5. Decide for the font color, font size and style and opacity of your water mark. Also, decide for the position and angle of the water-mark text on your page.
    Add-Watermark-to-a-Pdf-Document Step 5.PNG
  6. Add image. Similarly, you have options for the image you put on the document.
    Add-Watermark-to-a-Pdf-Document Step 6.PNG
  7. Click on "OK" button to finish the job.
    Add-Watermark-to-a-Pdf-Document Step 7.PNG


  • If you use a one page blank pdf document the image will be converted to a PDF document, optionally.
  • You can correct things without closing application. On each run reset the application. New result will come with a new name without destroying any previous file.

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