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Although Adobe Professional software exists in the market, there are frequent situations that creative commons open free products can do the job equally good enough, without spending a cent, in a more simple, straightforward way.


  1. You can find the software from the ad-free education blogspot "codesforus" (Codes For Us) by using your favorite search engine to search one of these,
    • pdf dysprosium
    • pdf codes for us
    • codesforus merge pdf files
    • codesforus
    • Official Site
    • This software is absolutely free.
  2. Download Latest Dysprosium PDF Merger jar file into your computer.
    • Using Dolce edition 2015 is recommended.
    • Version stable 6.7.2 and above is also still useable.
    • This software can handle very large files up to a total of 3GB (current PDF Standard limit).
    • This software is portable; does not need to be installed.
    • This software is platform independent.
  3. Put all your PDF files to be merged into the same folder. Or alternatively brows as many times as it is necessary to their locations.
    • You can use a text file created to point to the paths of your files instead of browsing.
    • Close all open pdf files.
  4. Double-click the "jar" file, to open the software. Then from it's GUI window, "Browse" to the folder of PDF files and select one of them.
    • All PDF files come into the "List Area" of the GUI.
      Snapshot of GUI
    • Red area shows details of the selected PDF file.
      All files are gathered to be merged
  5. Remove and rearrange files in the "Area" according to your desired arrangement.
  6. You can Resize or Rotate or change the default Zoom of each or all the files. You can add "Page Numbering" if you wish to do so.
  7. Click on the "Merge" button. Wait for the software to do the job.
    • Red area shows the merged files.
    • Your original files remained untouched.
    • You can split PDF files too.
    • You can use the "Signature Manager" or "Bookmarking" facility, as well.
      Merge process ended.


  • This software does not manipulate or harm your original files.
  • Default name of the merged file begins with "ZZ_" to be located easily, but you can select your desired file name at the pop-up dialogue, at the beginning.
  • Bookmarks will be preserved in the merged file as a "concatenation" of original bookmarks.
  • There is a visual help page, that helps step-by-step through the simple operations.
  • It is possible to use the software for other PDF manipulations too.
  • Software does not install anything on your computer. You can put it in the "bin" if you do not need it.

Things You'll Need

  • Your computer should have "Java Runtime Environment." Most computers of the world already have installed it.

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